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Dan's Real Estate Song

Sometimes you have to have a little fun in what you do.. Today I was thinking about a New Way we can help our clients & what better way to do that than to making someone Smile.. I took our passion & turned it into a song. This song was written not only to entertain our wonderful family & friends but also to put a little Smile on Melisa’s Face. Melisa & I have been working in Real Estate Industry for over a decade & we love helping individuals with their Real Estate......

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Rain Or Shine

The Weather is So Frightful & Home Shopping is So Delightful.. No Worries.. We’re Here For your Rain Or Shine. [videopress BG2mskWX] Whether your looking to Buy or Sell we don’t Let Anything Stop Us.. Being a Licensed Realtor doesn’t necessarily make you a professional. The most popular question we get is do we work past 5pm? The answer is “Yes”..!! We also work Saturday’s if necessary & on special circumstances we’ll even meet on Sundays. We do what we can as long as we have plenty of notice.. With the weather being......

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Want to play the Credit Game?

In this episode of Sitting with Dan and Melisa, Melisa invites Dan to play the Credit Game with her. No one wants to play the credit game, but everyone has to. Just like in any game, if you know the rules and strategies then playing becomes a little easier. [videopress fDIhcVTd] WHERE IS YOUR CREDIT? NO CREDIT – Everyone starts here. You are born with no credit. As you get older and start working you can get a small credit card. Melisa suggests a jewelry card. BUT, only spend 30% of your allowed......

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Home Buyers Beware!

Are you Buying a Home? WATCH OUT FOR THESE 3 MAJOR ITEMS THAT MAY MAKE OR BREAK A DEAL BEFORE ITS WRITTEN. IF YOU’RE BUYING A HOME, BE ON THE LOOKOUT.. Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer or buying your first home these tips will help you sift thru the process & avoid getting stuck holding the bill. This article is written to help buyers determine what is a Good Deal, Great Deal or Bad deal. When buying a home there are several factors involved in making the right house fit your needs.......

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Sick of Renting?

Are you SICK of Renting? Dan & Melisa have the cure! In this episode of Sitting with Dan & Melisa they are shown sick in bed. Both sick of renting and have found the cure. Sneeze, sneeze, snif, snif. Are you Exhausted about Paying Rent? Cough, cough, cough! It’s tough to rent when you want more. Sometimes renting is needed in a season of your life, but are you finding yourself stuck? Maybe you want to see what options there are for YOU. Dan and Melisa are here to see where you are......

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