Want to play the Credit Game?

In this episode of Sitting with Dan and Melisa, Melisa invites Dan to play the Credit Game with her. No one wants to play the credit game, but everyone has to. Just like in any game, if you know the rules and strategies then playing becomes a little easier.

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NO CREDIT – Everyone starts here. You are born with no credit. As you get older and start working you can get a small credit card. Melisa suggests a jewelry card. BUT, only spend 30% of your allowed limit. Make the payments on time and continue this process until your credit gets to the desired level.

LOW CREDIT – As your credit begins to rise from no credit to low credit you will need to apply for a few more cards. Be careful, it’s very easy to get in over your head. The same strategy continues to apply…only spend 30% of the maximum allowed dollar amount. Then make payments and repeats the spending and payments. Be sure to make all of your payments on time. The credit companies report on your spending and repayment habits.

BAD CREDIT – Life happens. Sometimes it’s not possible to make those payments on time. Or you may have had a medical emergency. We get it. We personally just went through a medical emergency when Dan hurt his knee.  Dan & Melisa have lenders we can call who can pull your credit, then put those numbers into a credit analysis program and be able to tell you which accounts to pay and how much. WHAT! So they are able to tell you exactly which payments will raise your credit score? Yep, that is exactly what they are able to do. If this sounds like something you would like to do, give us a call (951)316-2159.  It’s free so there is no reason not to.


Not sure how you are doing with the CREDIT GAME? Let’s take a look and see! No Cost to check!

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