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Real Estate Brokers Vs. Agent

Is there much difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker? While using these terms interchangeably has become common practice, each title comes with a different set of roles along with some similarities. Let’s dive further into this topic to see the difference between real estate agents and brokers. What is a Real Estate Broker? Brokers in the real estate field play a part that’s similar to agents, but their licensure differs from that of an agent. While they can assist in the buying or selling process, like an agent,......

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Dan's Real Estate Song

Sometimes you have to have a little fun in what you do.. Today I was thinking about a New Way we can help our clients & what better way to do that than to making someone Smile.. I took our passion & turned it into a song. This song was written not only to entertain our wonderful family & friends but also to put a little Smile on Melisa’s Face. Melisa & I have been working in Real Estate Industry for over a decade & we love helping individuals with their Real Estate......

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Rain Or Shine

The Weather is So Frightful & Home Shopping is So Delightful.. No Worries.. We’re Here For your Rain Or Shine. [videopress BG2mskWX] Whether your looking to Buy or Sell we don’t Let Anything Stop Us.. Being a Licensed Realtor doesn’t necessarily make you a professional. The most popular question we get is do we work past 5pm? The answer is “Yes”..!! We also work Saturday’s if necessary & on special circumstances we’ll even meet on Sundays. We do what we can as long as we have plenty of notice.. With the weather being......

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