How We Run our Business & Home – TOVAR STYLE

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– Blast off!

– Get ready to hear our secrets.

– Hi, and welcome to another edition of sitting with Dan and Melisa.

– Owners of Legacy Homes Real Estate.

– Now, we thought we’d change it up today and not only by not sitting, we’re standing, but we’re going to talk about how we successfully run and operate our business as well as here at home.

– If you didn’t already know, Dan and I are high school sweethearts and we’ve been married for over 23 years. We have four beautiful children as well as own and operate our business, which we work in together every single day.

– All day long! Life isn’t easy neither is raising children. We have our own differences sometimes, however, we work together and be able to make it fun and we work it out.

– So sit back and get ready to hear our secrets.

– Well, first step to any structure and foundation and be able to build something nice and strong and sturdy is we have to have a foundation. And our foundation at home, and work, starts with God. Our first priority is in everything we do we honor Him. Our foundation is following God’s word from our business to our home. At home, and in the office, I’m the leader, Melisa’s my helper. We each have our own responsibilities and as you can tell, we definitely compliment off of each other.

– Right? My favorite is communication. We both like to talk. We both are huge on this one at home and in the office. And if we have plans or appointments or things that we need to get done, we let each other know. There isn’t a time in the day when we don’t know where the other one is, or at least what they’re doing. We’ve been working to teach our children this one. It’s been rough.

– We got each other’s back, regardless, no matter what it is. We focus on supporting one another, physically, emotionally, and mentally. We’re each other’s strength. When one of us is down, we lift each other up. When one of us is tired or exhausted, and parent’s I’m sure you know and you can relate, we help each other out. Neither of us is perfect, I can guarantee you that. Especially from my standpoint.

– Oh really.

– We support everybody, each one of us, every single day, and we manage to be able to help each other out when we need it. We especially love each other’s achievements and we have a great time with celebrating each other’s accomplishments as well.

– Right. Well, thanks for watching! Let us know what you think about our secrets and if you have any of your own, we’d love to hear them.

– Yes, we’d love to hear what works for your household.

– Alright, we’ll see you next time.

– Take care, bye.

– Bye. The …

– It’s not going fast.

– Owners of Legacy Homes Real Estate.

– You almost forgot your part.

– I know. We’re going.

– Oh

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