All Tied Up

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LOL! This video was such a BLAST to make!

Owners of Legacy Homes Real Estate in Riverside, California, Dan and Melisa Tovar are having some fun with their video marketing.

In this video Dan Tovar decides he is going to allow his wife, Melisa Tovar to tie him up. He then will get himself un-tied while telling the audience the top five reasons why they should hire Dan and Melisa for all of their real estate needs. Melisa turns the tables on Dan. She adds some tape to his mouth so all he can do is sit and try to get out of the ropes – and listen to her top 5 reasons the audience should hire Dan and Melisa for all of their Real Estate needs.

“Top 5 Reasons to Hire Dan & Melisa Tovar with Legacy Homes Real Estate.”

  1. Dan and Melisa have together over 26 years of experience.

  2. Legacy Homes Real Estate is Family owned and Operated. Melisa Tovar is the Broker/Boss.

  3. Dan and Melisa provide High Quality Marketing.

  4. Our clients are our #1 Priority!

  5. Dan and Melisa are 2 Specialists for the Price of 1.

As Melisa is finishing up going over the top 5 reasons to hire them her alarm goes off to go pick up their 4 kids from school. Leaving Dan sitting in the chair all tied up. As he is trying to catch her before she leaves he sees some of the local firemen outside next door. He tries to roll himself outside in his chair to get their attention to get out of the ropes. (In all fairness – Melisa would never leave Dan in such distress but for the sake of the video Dan instructed her to do it.)

In this video Melisa give you the rare opportunity to hear her reasons and not Dan’s. He is usually the one speaking to clients and Melisa is taking care of all of the back office details.

Both Dan and Melisa hope that you enjoy watching this funny video. We know that Real Estate is typically all business but this is how we really are with one another so we are just trying to have some fun with our marketing. We truly love what we do, and love that we can come to work together day after day.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them for us. Until next time 🙂

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