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In today’s world there’s plenty of things to be stressed out about. I’m sure there’s no need to come up with examples; Right?? I’m sure you can already think of several things that are a bit overwhelming. Life by itself is stressful enough.. Within our daily lives I’m sure we can find ourselves asking? What can I do to make a better place to call home? Worrying about your HOME or Searching out to where to find it; shouldn’t be No#1 on your stress list. Even though the idea of buying a home can be a little bit overwhelming; the idea of buying a home shouldn’t be too frightening. The thought of having thousands of dollars in the bank isn’t necessarily the main factor of buying a home.. Yes; having money in the bank does help & yes it does make the process a lot easier. But, its not the only factor involved that determines whether you can or cannot buy a home..

There are several factors involved along with several Down Payment Assistance plans that can easily assist your ability to buy a HOME. There are a few home loans that don’t even require a Down Payment or money down. These loans are called 100% financing loans, VA loans are a special “TYPE” of Loan that offers Veterans 100% Financing. These types of loans could even be structured to cover all additional cost associated with buying a home such as Closing Cost. ( We Can Discuss that on another topic & video ) these loans are offered thru the Federal Government for veterans who serve or once served in the military. There are also other specialized loans that are available under certain circumstances for specialized applicants. I’m sure your telling yourself I’m not a Veteran & I know I don’t qualify for anything SPECIAL.. Don’t Worry, there are special accessible programs available for most “other” individuals. Even If you don’t fall into these specialized categories the federal Governments have specialized loan programs available for most individuals.  

 The 3 most common requirements for most Down Payment Programs are listed below. 
1.  Most Down Payment Programs (DPA) require that you have a minimum mid Fico Score of 640. 
2.  Most Down Payment Programs (DPA) require that you haven’t owned a home in the past 3 years. 
3. Most Down Payment Programs (DPA) require that you have certain income limits in ratio with your family size &/or household.

 Every program has its own requirements & our job is to find out which one fits your personal needs. Whether you’re a 1st time buyer, seasoned buyer or simply want to know info. We’re here to give you the most reliable information as possible along with options to other specialized programs. If there’s a will we’ll always do our best to find a way.

 For more information on Down Payment assistance or Specialized Programs feel Free to reach out to us.

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