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Sellers… Don’t Use PreHistoric Methods to Sell Your Home!! Allow us to Bring Your Home Into the Modern World of Technology. We see too often that sellers are marketing their home with the wrong type of advertising. By using prehistoric methods of Selling your home this can cause more stress, more worry & more Loss of your Money. That’s right!! By not using modern technology your house will not only take longer to sell but also Sell Up to 18% Less by using old marketing methods such as advertising in newspapers, magazines or Broker opens. These tactics may have worked in the past however in our opinion your now wasting your money, time & your equity. Welcome to the Digital era where 98.9% of all homes are Sold Online. Once the house is listing with a Licensed Realtor your home is automatically syndicated over several 3rd party websites such as {, Trulia, Zillow & More…} What people see online is what drives traffic thru your door. Whether your property Is shown on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or on any other website these Online tactics is what sells a home in any market. Everything we do here at Legacy Homes Real Estate starts with the Seller & our main focus is to Sell Your Home in the Shortest amount of Time for the Highest Amount of Money. We analyze your home & determine what type of Marketing Campaign we can use to get your home Sold Today.. We us Professional Photographers, Professional Videographers. Professional Grade Media Software & Digital Marketing Technology to showcase your home to the Billions of People Online. With our cutting edge technology we also spend Thousands of dollars on advertising on the most popular Social Media sites to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

As you know, heading into the spring buying market, there are several strong trends starting to emerge. The inventory of homes for sale has increased over the past few months & on a year-over-year basis. Home prices have appreciated & have continued to grow & the competition is following.  The current Market Interest rates have remained low & have reached new heights with new buyers hitting the market with millennials and Generation X leading the way! Technology & Online resources are the best ways to achieve demand.

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of the recent reports that have been released and what they mean for the spring buying season!

   (NAR)National Association of Realtor’s  Existing Home Sales Report

Over the Past quarter Sales of existing homes were down for the third consecutive month from Oct. to January. Some of this can be explained by the natural seasonality that the Real Estate market experiences every year, and some can be explained even further by a lack of homes available for sale on the market.

Inventory..For the last eight months, the inventory of homes for sale have been higher when compared to the same months in the year before. The challenge in the market is the mismatch of the type of homes that are available for sale. First-time homebuyers are looking for starter homes & are often competing with other buyers to stand out & often outbidding each other.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, agrees that the market is still experiencing an inventory shortage. “In particular, the lower end of the market is experiencing a greater shortage, and more home construction is needed.”

Home Prices  The Median {Average} Home prices In Riverside for homes Sold in January were $398,000. This is Down -2% from January 2018. The Current Average Per Sq. Ft is a Solid $236 & the average Days on Market for a Home being Sold is 51 Days.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist also says, “Existing home sales in January were weak compared to historical norms; however, they are likely to have reached a cyclical low. Moderating home prices combined with gains in household income will boost housing affordability, bringing more buyers to the market in the coming months.”

Bottom Line  The housing market in 2019 will require homeowners to list their house at the right price to attract the right buyers. If interest rates continue to stay low while wages increase, and more inventory comes to market, 2019 could be one of the best years for home sales in recent history. With the Proper Technology your home can be on everyone’s radar & attract the Highest Number of people to create the highest interest. If you are properly Marketing your home you may have one of the best opportunities to make the most out of your homes equity. If you’re not taking advantage of Modern Technology to market your home than you can be reassured that your leaving Thousands of Dollars behind that could easily be put back in your pocket.

If your thinking about Selling your home this year give us a call and we can walk you thru the entire process of how we can help. (951)316-2159 or email us at or check us out at

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