Get A Home Inspection!

Your offer on your dream home got accepted…Now What? It’s time to get a Home Inspection!

Home Inspection? Why do I need to pay for that? What do they do?

These are all very common questions. Let me answer some of them for you.

Home Inspections are always recommended for a buyer to have done on a home they will be purchasing. Basically it’s like buying a car. If you are or know a mechanic than you can look at the car and see if there is anything wrong with it. But if your not a mechanic than you will want a certified mechanic to look over the car and tell you it’s in good condition.

Home Inspectors can do exactly that. They spend anywhere from an hour and a half to about 3 hours going through a home from top to bottom. The inspector will look at things that a normal person wouldn’t even think to look at. Looking at thing like the roof, attic, AC, heater, and more. Literally picking through the entire house, trying to find things wrong with it.

[videopress XiDmXkJq]

In this video Dan is at a Home Inspection with Anthony Morganti. He is the owner of Sure Look Home Inspections. Anthony is a Fire Captain as well as a Home Inspector. That’s right I said Fire Captain. Who better to have inspect your new home. He talks about why you should get an inspection, what he inspects and how, and why you should use him.

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